Amazing Claims

I’ve been looking at a few of the more comical, or should I say amazing claims which have been made by people for injuries, so thought I’d mention a few of the most unbelievable ones. Now don’t get me wrong, if someone has had an accident which was genuinely someone elses fault then they should be entitled to compensation, however you decide if you think the following examples fall into that category:

Young Boy Hit By Car

OK on the surface of it, this sounds like a plausible and justified claim. However, the reality was that the boy walked out into the road without looking and ended up with a fractured ankle when he was hit by a car, he received £11.5k for that. So watch out when you are driving, you could be blamed for something which is totally unavoidable! No a good enough example? Ok read on…judge

Go Karting Accident – £15k payout

A man had an accident when Go Karting and suffered a head injury which meant that he ended up being demoted at work, so gained a payout of £15k in compensation from the operators. Sounds fair enough? Yes, it does until you discover that he was on a stag weekend and drunk at the time! Still not amazed at what people can claim for? How about the next example…

One from the Nationals

I expect everyone’s heard of N-Dubz, the UK rap artists from which Tulisa of TV fame originated. However her original counterpart in the band, Dappy was ordered to pay £4.5k for spitting at someone in an argument late one night in a petrol station. I remember talk of people spitting all the time at old punk rock gigs, it’s a good job nobody made a claim back then! Still not amazed? OK one more try…

UK Teachers £150k Payout

A teacher from London lost her voice shouting over a particularly riotous class of children and consequently lost her voice (not permanently I might add) and received an unbelievable £150k compensation! Now if that isn’t an occupational hazard I don’t know what is!

There is a huge growing culture of making no win no fee claims in the UK with numerous specialists all around the country as can be seen here, and regardless if you think it’s right or wrong, this is the way our culture is turning, it’s becoming more aligned to way things work in the USA. I just really hope that in certain circumstances the judge takes a more balanced view of why the claim is being made. For example in the Dappy situation mentioned above, was it possible that the other party knew that any actions would be caught on camera in a garage forecourt, but probably not what was said, so an argument could be instigated with someone who clearly had the money to pay out. I’m not for one minute suggesting this was the case, but it’s a possibility.

Interestingly the UK government has recently changed the law about no win no fee type claims. It used to be a case that win or loose you wouldn’t have any solicitor or court costs to pay, however these days it’s been controlled so you don’t have any fees to pay if you win the case, so as a result I expect less of the cases which are a bit dubious are being followed up just in case they loose.


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