Time for an Update

Times change and things move on, therefore so must we. The site has been around for quite some time now and while it has served it’s purpose over the last few years by enabling us to post updates, we have come to the conclusion that MKScienceFestival needs a bit of an update, with a new focused approach and appearance. As a result we are planning to completely overhaul the website in the near future.

There are a few considerations before we make any decisions. Firstly are we to remain with the WordPress platform, while it is robust and offers many enhancing features, to be fair, we use very few of them on here. There is also the website security aspect to consider, in the same way that attacks are much more common on Microsoft operating systems than say Apple, the same is true of WordPress, where although the security is constantly being updated and additional plugins can enhance it further, there are far more security issues with it than other platforms, or just reverting back to html.

web designer
No, this isn’t me, just in case you were wondering

Next is the appearance of the site, and to completely contradict the implications of the previous paragraph, WordPress is a dream for actually adapting the appearance of a site, simply installing a new template, adjusting the colour scheme and making a few changes through the control panel can completely overhaul the site, so to be fair this is where we are leaning, simply from the perspective of ease.

On the subject of colour schemes we are planning to stick with blue white and black, as this provides a professional look and keeps the site readable due to the contrast of the lettering on the pages.

I’m fortunate to have a friend john who runs a web design agency in Cornwall called Sharkfin Media, so I will undoubtedly be tapping him for some advice and guidance on the whole subject. I do quite like the overall design of their website with a large font and sliders on every page, they also have a nice menu structure with a different colour scheme for the pages under each main heading, you can see it here  although I am perfectly aware that being a web designer by trade means that the world and their dog probably ask and expect free advice, so I am aware that I can’t push my luck. I suppose it’s a bit like people asking me science related questions when I’m down the local on a Friday night.

I sit at my computer most of the day so don’t really want to do the work in my evenings and weekends, however I don’t work right through the Christmas period, so I’m planning to get working on the redesign then and have it ready by the time we all get back to work in the new year, so you can expect to see a sparkling, fresh new website in 2014 with possibly some new sections (although they may come a little later). The web science trust has a nice site, so perhaps we could make it along the same lines with the tabs and section the site out properly.

The aim is for the new website to be simple and easy to navigate with lots of images, I understand that we are now able to lift the images from other websites provided we give them the credit for them, so that could be very helpful, especially seeing as most science related graphics are copyright in books.

I’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions, or even better if you are an expert in web design and have a little time you could spare, some advice/help/do it for me (delete as appropriate) would be great, OK I’m joking about building the whole website for me, but the advice and help would be good.

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