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Effective Keyword Research

I have just been involved in a rather comical discussion on one of the SEO forums. Some poor guy was employed by an seo company, who it appears were taking on any client they could find and promising the earth, well, first page placements to be specific, and not only were they making these promises, but on very competitive keywords.

So this guy had his manager asking him what they could do to improve their clients serp’s (search engine result positions), and he in turn had come to the forum looking for advice, my overwhelming urge was to suggest he find a job working for a professional firm, although I think he was abroad, so wasn’t going to find a good uk seo company to work for anyway.

So people were suggesting all the usual things such as building good links, blog comments and adapting on page elements, to which he replied to every single one that he had been doing it for months already. Eventually someone asked which keywords he was struggling to optimise the website for “the main one is real estate” he said, then listed a load of other highly competitive terms too.

It turns out that the boss had taken the client on without doing any keyword research and promised them top page placements, so the lesson from this story is that if you don’t do thorough research first, both on your competitors and in general around the given keywords, you may never get the results you need to make them pay. This is why smaller companies always go after the long tails, Humph, even I knew that!

UK Partner

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Eco Seo for any search engine optimisation services for our clients. Because this is a completely different skill set to design we made the decision to work with a specialist in their particular field. It was important to us that we worked with a local online marketing firm, seeing as all our customers are based in England and in the vast majority of cases only need to be found in the UK search engines.

Eco Seo have a wealth or experience in optimisation projects for a broad range of business sectors, they also have experience in pay per click and internet marketing, so will be our first point of call for anyone who needs to increase the traffic to their website.

Working alongside them we can together optimise the pages of your website to increase the number of visitors who become a buying customer.  By analysing the way people enter, leave and move around a website, we can identify the pages which are working well and those which aren’t, then adapt them accordingly.

We can also develop micro sites, so if you are launching a new product, you may need a website which is totally dedicated to that product, again this can be fully optimised to make sure you reach your goals.

Eco SEO are in Wiltshire very close to Marlborough, although they already service clients from all around the UK, so whilst we usually design for more local companies, our combined skills are available to companies from all around the country.

If you need a new website, or a redesign of an existing site, combined with an effective, results driven search optimisation campaign, get in touch as we will be able to help.

Bespoke Design or Template Based

When designing a website, one of the first and most important considerations is the total cost of developing the site. For larger businesses this isn’t too much of a problem as larger budgets can be allocated, however, for small and start up companies, this can be a considerable cost, but there are options available to keep the price down.

If you want a website which is 100% unique, then you will have to face the fact that designing a bespoke site will take the designer considerable time to develop, test and optimise, but it’s worth bearing in mind that with millions of websites out there already, there is a very good chance that your site will look quite similar to others anyway.

The much cheaper option is to start off with a template, this is a standard design which is available to buy, usually for well under £100, this can then be adapted in a number of ways. In it’s simplest form, the designer can add your logo, pictures and text to it and publish it, hey presto you have a nice looking website for a very small budget.  The only down side of this is that there will be potentially another hundred out there worldwide which all look the same, although when you consider how many industries there are out there, the chances of another one using that same template are almost 0.

Alternatively a web designer can also adapt the template, change it’s colour, change various aspects of the design like the margins, navigation, header and footer of the pages, this can make it completely unique without completely re-inventing the wheel, it can also make sure you get the on page seo aspects right.  So if you need a new site design on a budget, this can by far be the best option, you are effectively getting the best of both worlds for hundreds of pounds, instead of thousands.